Velocity Stack


ZE’s velocity stack features a choke for easier starting, providing maximum air flow to your engine, thus increasing the performance and speed of your Go-Ped.

Billet velocity stack with integrated choke . Includes billet velocity stack, choke plate, and o-ring seal. Allows mounting of aftermarket clamp-style air filters.
Fits Zenoah G23LH / G2D / G43L / G230RC / G260RC / G231PUH / G260PUH / G260PU / G231PUM / G260PUM / G620PU engines. Also fits Chung Yang CY23RC / CY26RC / CY27RC / CY29RC / GP290 engines. Also fits Zenoah GZ25N14 (Geo) / GZ25N23 engine if HP carb kit is installed.

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Zero Error’s Velocity Stack with Choke for Walboro Carbs and GoPed

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Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 3 in

Velocity Stack, Velocity Stack With Choke