Sport Short Drive Spindle


This stainless steel, knurled, Sport drive spindle will last longer than the stock equivilant. Bolt included!

  A great choice for the budget shopper. Reduces tire wear compared to stock spindle. Fits Sport / Homebuilders Kit / Geo-Sport / S25 / X25 / X-ped / Super X Ped / Geo-Xped / Go-Quad / Super Go-Quad. Available in a variety of sizes. Larger sizes = more top speed, but slower acceleration.

Important note: The largest size that fits with a full rear wheel is .800. To use a larger spindle, your rear tire needs to be partially worn or you need to have an air tire kit.

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Zero Error’s Short Drive Spindle for Sport GoPed

Additional information

Weight7 oz
Dimensions2 × 1 × 1 in

.625, .675, .712, .750, .800, .825, .850, .875, .950

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