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Zero Error Racing, Inc.- Engine Heaters for use on Racing Karts.

9060 Hot Head™ CUBE Engine Heater for Karting
Hot Head™ CUBE for Karting

The Cube is revolutionizing the Karting sport. Racers can now afford a product that extends engine life, reduces qualifying times and delivers unbeatable engine response on initial starts. Priced at about the cost of a set of tires, preheating eliminates the stressful planning and timing of the harmful revving ritual. Simply install the CUBE onto the Kart, plug in the power cord, wait less than 10 minutes and your engine and radiator are up to peak operating temperature. Initial on-track driver confidence and forward acceleration is noticeably improved, just look to see what LeMans, Indy Car, F3 and NASCAR racing teams are doing. Over 10 years of engineering and on-track testing with these teams guarantees construction quality and heating performance. CUBE technology has recently delivered team benefits and wins at the National level.

Features and benefits include:
  • Consistent 130°F engine temperature
  • Simple 110v power cord connection
  • Light weight, only 1.3lbs
  • Installs (permanently) in 5 minutes
  • Affordable! Only $249.00
  • Extend piston and ring (and clutch) life by 30%
  • Faster initial starts
  • Always ready to grid, no pre-race revving
  • Delivered many national level wins
$249.00 Each

This is the only racing product you can buy that will pay for itself AND save you money!
Order your system today and start reducing expenses while gaining advantages over your competition.

1506 Hot Head™ Pro Engine Heater for Karting
Hot Head™ Pro for Karting

Hot Head PRO Engine Heaters new racy appearance for 2014 continues to be the lightest, most compact and powerful engine heater available for V8s, 6s and 4s. This rugged 10 year anniversary addition relies on our time tested internals integrated into a lightweight and impact resistant polymer case. The PRO is built specifically for water cooled engines above 1200cc. and is available in North America and "world power" models.

Features and benefits include:
  • Updated F1 quality JiffyTite quick connect fittings
  • Flexible, generator friendly circuitry can handle 220V or dual 110V outlets and only requires a 3500 watt generator
  • Two heating cycles, one for fast initial warm up that uses full power, the second to maintain your temperature, limiting generator demand to only 1650 watts
  • Comes with correct twist lock plug to put on your 220V power cord
  • Measuring only 18" x 12" x 10" (45 x 30 x 25cm) and weighs less than 20lbs (8.5kg.)
  • Robust manufacturer's warranty
  • This is the only racing product you can buy that will save you money
$819.00 Each

Hot Head™ Integrated Check Valve
Hot Head™ Integrated Check Valve

Includes CNC machined internal check valve, valve body, male dry-break fittings and dust caps. Size: HPE-CV-12, 3/4" hose or -12 Push-lock.

$189.00 Each

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